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Ullandhaug Tower, Iron Age Farm, Swords in rock (Sverd i fjell).

On this tour you will visit three great attractions in the Stavanger area. The tour starts with a bus trip from Stavanger city centre to Tjodveien bus stop situated in the road Folkeviseveien. From Folkeviseveien you walk to the Ullandhaug Tower.

Ullandhaug Tower is a 64 meters high telecommunications tower on a hill 135 meters above sea level. From here, you have a splendid view of Stavanger, Ryfylke and the northern part of Jæren.

"Harald's Cairn", built in 1896 in memory of the battle of Hafrsfjord, was situated here until World War II when it was torn down. Today, remaining marble blocks from “Harald’s Cairn” are placed in a circle beside the Ullandhaug tower.

After the visit to Ullandhaug Tower you walk back to Ullandhaugveien and follow this road until you reach Madlamarkveien. Take a left and follow the Madlamarkveien to the Iron Age Farm (Jernaldergården). You can buy a ticket for the Iron Age Farm at the visitor centre. The visitor centre, with a café and exhibitions, is open every Sunday all year and every day in the summer period, from approx. 22nd June – 18th August. (Period corresponds to the schools’ summer holiday).

The Iron Age farm is a reconstructed farmstead from the Migration period (350-550 AD) and is operated as an open-air museum. The three houses have equipment and domestic utensils, and fire is burning on the original fireplaces. If you are lucky, you can get a taste of food cooked on the fireplace.
After the visit to the Iron Age Farm you continue on foot along Madlamarkveien until you reach Kong Haralds gate on the left. Follow this street to Snorres gate and further on to Madlaveien and then 2oo meters towards the left, where you will see the national monument Swords in rock (Sverd i fjell).

This was where Harald Fairhair united Norway into one kingdom in 872. The monument consists of three swords that are inserted into the grown. They symbolize peace, unity and freedom. The hilts of the Viking swords are taken from swords found in different parts of the country. The monument was made by Fritz Røed (1928-2002) and was unveiled by King Olav in 1983.

The total walking distance from the Ullandhaug tower via the Iron Age Farm to Swords in rock is approx. 2 km.
When you are ready to return to Stavanger city centre, you take a bus from Madlaveien, from the bus stop Madlaleiren.

Departure from: Stavanger bus stop 8 (Jernbaneveien/Klongsgata intersection)

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