Island Hopping to Lindøy and Langøy

Stavanger - Lindøy - Langøy - Stavanger.

Experience one of the most popular recreational areas in the Ryfylke archipelago, and one of Stavanger’s most splendid hiking areas. Easily accessible with express boat from Stavanger.

Monday-Friday the trip goes to Lindøy først and then to Langøy. Saturdays and Sundays you visit Langøy first and then Lindøy. Both at Lindøy and Langøy you must hoist the bouy at the pier to signal to the boat that you want to be picked up. See the itinerary.

Experience Lindøy

From the pier in Nordvik at Lindøy, walk past the former school building, once established to help raise troubled boys. The island is slightly hilly and covered in forest with rocky shores facing the Høgsfjord. This is a popular leisure boat area.

Continue to Sørvik where there are toilets, climbing jungle in the forest and a shelter in Lille Varmekro. Continue through the forest until reaching the top at Høgstahaug (30 m a.s.l.) where you can enjoy the magnificent view. Just below the top, is the path Kjærlighetsstien (love path) and a bench called Ja-benken (the “yes bench”). Here you may take a break before returning to the pier.

This hike is approx. 3,5 km long and will take approximately 1 hour.

Experience Langøy

Langøy is situated east of Lundsneset, Hundvåg, or west of Vassøy.

Langøy is a narrow and long island with a rocky shoreline, crags, trees and heathland. There are a few people living on the south end of the island. However, most of the island is a recreational area.

Upon arrival at Langøy, follow the graveled path and the sign leading into the forest. From here the path is marked. Continue over the farm courtyard, into the forest and up some stairs. The largest moor of heather opens itself to you in Stavanger’s third largest recreational area. Continue to the top, then back via winding paths, blocks of stone and ocean polished shores. You stroll back via the farm path and to the courtyard, returning to the pier.

This hike is 2.8 km long and will take approximately 1 hour.

Departure from: Stavanger boat terminal (Fiskepirterminalen)

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