Rennesøy with Rennesøyhodnet mountain

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Stavanger - Rennesøy - Stavanger.

The tour starts with bus from Stavanger and takes you through two subsea tunnels before arriving at Rennesøy. The community centre at Rennesøy is Vikevåg.

On this tour you have the opportunity to do a hike to Rennesøyhodnet mountain. Rennesøyhodnet lies in the middle of the Ryfylke islands and provides a magnificent view in all directions. From the 234 meters high top you will gaze over well-kept farms and - to the north - the swaying heathlands.

The starting point for the hike to Rennesøyhodnet is Hegglandslia in Østhusvik. You take the bus to Hegglandslia, when possible. (Close to the tomato packing plant on the outskirts of the village Østhusvik.) At the starting point you will find boards with maps of the area.

If you get off the bus at Østhusvik village center, you will find boards with maps here as well. And you will have a nice walk through the village in addition to the hike.

The hike is relatively easy and goes both in the terrain and on a newly established hiking track (work in progress). There may be wet patches along the route, so make sure to wear sturdy footwear. The hike is approx. 2,5 km each way and takes about 1 hour each way.

On your way down you go to the crossroads by the tomato packing plant (200 m from Hegglandslia) and wait for the bus.

On Sundays you may choose to end the tour by walking to østhusvik village center and have dinner at “Fjordterrassen” at Fjordbris Hotell.

Departure from:  Stavanger bus stop 24 (Olav 5 Gate)

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From NOK 84

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